CCTV Camera in Germiston, Gauteng for sale

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CCTV Camera Pros H.264 8 channel digital video recorder comes with DVR viewer software that enables remote camera monitoring over the Internet or on a local area network. This software is called the integrated remote station (IRS) and is included on a CD that comes with the DVR. The integrated remote station is a software suite that let's you remotely monitor cameras. The integrated remote station also lets you review previously recorded surveillance video footage. The most recent version of the DVR viewer integrated remote station can be downloaded here: H.264 Integrated Remote Station. The integrated remote station, also referred to as the DVR viewer software, runs on a Microsoft Windows based computer. Now for only R2399 each anyone interested please contact or WhatsApp on 0825927872 postage can be arranged anywhere in South Africa at a additional cost we are situated in Boksburg (Gauteng)