Wholesale Plants for Gardeners and Landscapers - Waterwise and Others in Germiston, Gauteng for sale

Garden & House

Supplier to nurseries now offering to the public.Various well settled plants for sale in lightweight bags 0.5 l and larger ready for planting, up to 3 individual plants per bag. Large quantities available. ideal for single or larger scale plantings or landscapers. Prices range from R5 for small varieties and from R15 for others. Depending on availability the following are available: Rock roses, Vygie various colors, Carpobrotus(Sour/Cape fig) pink or white, Duranta Sheenas Gold, Iceberg Roses, Cape/Sour Fig,Tulaghia Violacea Silver and Green, Potato Bush Purple and White, Palargonium Red and Pink, Tradescantia Zebrina and others.
New: Euphorbia Hupericifolia "White Diamond" - Nursery prices varies between R80 and R134, now only R40, see picture