Our 9kW 2000×3000mm CNC Router w.Tool Change give You Productivity and Efficiency in Germiston, Gauteng for sale

Our 9kW 2000×3000mm CNC Router w.Tool Change give You
Our 9kW 2000×3000mm CNC Router w.Tool Change give You
Our 9kW 2000×3000mm CNC Router w.Tool Change give You
Our 9kW 2000×3000mm CNC Router w.Tool Change give You

PowerRoute 2000×3000mm 9kW Spindle CNC Router with Carousel ATC, 8 Tools, Vacuum Table Complete Set NEWSKU:R4-2030V/90 for R18132 . 48 month to pay, subject to credit approval, once off price R699999
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Chipboard Fabrication
Architectural Mill Work
3D Carving
Musical Instrument Crafting
Furniture Component Making
Exhibits & Fixtures
Aluminum Fabrication
Arts & Crafts
SupaWood Fabrication
Boat Manufacturing
Cabinetry Making
Romark Fabrication
and More..
1.6KW Servo Motors for Faster performance:
It comes equipped with four powerful servo-motors that can process all cutting and carving jobs. There are 4 Servo-Motors ( 1 for X, 2 for Y Axis and 1 for Z axis ) for High-Speed, High-Acceleration, High-Precision and Plenty of Torque.
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Do you know there is a lot of waste of time in changing the tools on your CNC machine? Is that lower the productivity and efficiency of your job?
If you answered in "yes" for those questions, then we have great news for you. Advanced Machinery presents you the Carousel ATC. It is also known by the name of Rotary ATC, Drum-Style ATC or Disk ATC CNC Router. ATC stands for Automatic Tool Changer. For CNC routing tool bits tray is installed next to the router spindle and it makes the tool change task fast and efficient.
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Advanced Machinery is focussed on Computerized Numerical Controlled Machinery, completely automatic & semi-automatic machinery with high precision and high output capacity. All our commercial machines are for heavy usage, minimized downtime is ensured by quality-build products, over stocked parts and always available technicians. With the machine parts from four corners of the earth, for example: machine chassis of China, Servo-Motors of Japan, CNC Controls of Taiwan, High-Speed Spindles of Italy, Precision switch of German and Power Supply System of America, Advanced Machinery is capable of create world-class machinery for the African continent. Please open our company website
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