Vox amPlug Headphone Guitar Amp - Twin - NEW!! in Germiston, Gauteng for sale

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Put a Blackface Twin in Your Pocket!
The Vox amPlug Twin captures the sound of the legendary clean blackface American dual speaker combo tube amp. You'll be amazed by its sparkling and sustained clean sound, recalling an amp that has been widely used in many genres - rock, blues, jazz, country, and more. Raising the gain provides a powerful American tube overdrive sound. A stereo chorus effect is built into the amPlug Twin, adding natural spaciousness and depth to the sound. As you play the amPlug Twin, you're sure to forget the passage of time, and lose yourself in the tones that generations of musicians have loved.
Vox amPlug Twin Headphone Guitar Amp Features at a Glance: Re-creates the sound of an American blackface tube amp Sparkling, sustained tone Built-in stereo chorus effect Aux In jack allows you to connect an mp3 player Approximately 11 hours of use with 2 x AAA batteries (chorus on) Weight less than 1.5 oz. without batteries
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